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د.م. 1.590
  • CUSTOM EDITION: The MCV is a custom-designed case that gives you the perfect foundation to build your dream PC without any standard limitations or having to pay for parts you won’t use. That’s why the MCV doesn’t include (and you don’t pay for) personal extras like fans or a vertical graphics card bracket/cable – with the MCV you can build the perfect PC without wasting a thing!
  • DOUBLE GLAZING: Equipped with two tempered glass panes in the front side corner, the MCV case is a very high level visual spectacle. The best showcase for the best hardware and the most ambitious custom projects
  • XXL MAXIMUM CAPACITY: With an XXL size of 408x450x257mm, the MCV has plenty of room for your dream PC. Install up to 9 fans and 6 hard drives, 370mm horizontal or vertical graphics cards and 360mm radiators; the case will never be a limit again
  • COMPLETE LIQUID COOLING SUPPORT: Install the liquid cooling kit of your choice or create the custom system of your dreams; the MCV has the space and design you need to make your project a reality
  • DUAL CHAMBER STRUCTURE: Separation of power supply and hard drives in a hidden side chamber for maximum cooling and space optimization
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